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Re mariner number 379107659 and 379117088

Bookingsnumber VD9TDT

35 night Circle Hawaii, Tahiti & Marquesas cruise

Dear Kirsten Woods,

Special Advisor

Office of the President

How arrogant and rude can you be by asking us our opinion about our cruise but never react on it or giving an answer.

The last question in the survey was, whether we do agree, to allow you to contact us.

There is a big cap between advertisement and actuality.

Let us try again to make certain complaints clear about our cruise.

We started our cruise on april 2nd 2016 in San Diego. After checking in we got our cabin key.

During the first couple of days we had to go to the frontoffice to get a new key, 4 or 5 times, because it was impossible to go into the cabin, even for the people responsible for our room. That was going on and on till the the moment that I was getting angry and I told the people loud that it was a shame that the did not solve the problem. After that discussion they have sent a technician to solve it.

Complaint nr 2: The sofa in the cabin

I have 2 hip replacements and the quality sofa was so bad that after using it you are ready for a hernia operation,

so we asked the hotelmanager to look for a solution. The answer was: we do not get money from the company to improve sofas, and they tried to do something with bed pillows and sheets. (see attached photo's) Of course this was not solving the problem, but for a luxury cruise, fantastic.

Complaint 3: soot flakes from the air conditioning.

A couple of times we had soot flakes on our bed and solving that problem had again to do with money, and that was not available. The only thing they did was cleaning the sheets, several times. See attached photo's, but again for a luxury cruise, fantastic.

Complaint 4:

Rust on your on body and clothes while sunbathing on sea view pool deck. That had to do with the old filters, and to renew them was not possible, because there was no money available, so we had to live with that, Not bad for a luxury cruise.

A other nice thing happing in the main restaurant.

During dinner broke a water pipe in the ceiling, so we had for a couple of time a nice waterfall in the restaurant.

We missed during the cruise a couple ports, due to bad weather. There were no alternatives and that is a pity

I really hope that you are so polite to react to this mail, which was not possible to make earlier. Our son lives in the USA, so when we left the ship in Seattle we took another 2-1/2 months travelling through the USA an Canada.

It is a pity that I have to be so negative, but for the price we paid you can expect more.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Arrogance of customers service.

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Holland America is falling apart with the the new ownership. Ships need maintenance.

And staff need good managers who are rewarded for excellence. Sad.

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