Savor the Journey on Holland America Line Bruce and I recently took a cruise on Holland America Line. Sunday January 29 was the end of our boat cruise.

We fill out our disembarkation package and let the front office know our time Airline Company and flight time 12:00 pm and from the Fort Lauderdale Airport. Our time for leaving the boat was 8:15 till 8:30 am. We were not let off the boat till 9:04 am. When arrived at the baggage hall to collect our baggage.

One of our bags bottom was ripped open from side to side and all the contents were falling out. Due to the late departure off the ship we were short of time to catch our flight. We asked for assists to help with the bag …. Duct tape to repair the bag in the short term so we could continue on.

Bruce was told he had to step out of line and fill in a form and he replied, I need to get to the airport for my flight and the cruise ship representative said I cant help you and walked away. No one from the cruise line came to our assistance. We manage to tie the bag up with belts to keep it together. The airport was full with very long line-ups at the check in counter and through security.

We just had time to go to the washroom, get to our gate and we were boarded. The next day on Monday Bruce phoned Holland America Line customer service and let them know what happened and how we were treated. The representative said you have to deal with the contactor for issues. When I contacted the baggage contactor representative she said you have to fill out the form.

I ask why their was no one to assist us and help us with the bag her reply was “ we are not baggage repair people” to which I replied “maybe your company should not have damaged my bag in the first place and I would not have an issue” at that point Bruce ended the call. Holland America Line’s direct reply from their email sent back: We’re also very sorry to hear that you incurred damage to your luggage. We were advised that the staff did try and get you another piece of luggage but unfortunately there was none available. While we completely understand why you are upset and needed to catch your flight, had you been able to remain longer you would have received assistance.

Lastly, should you choose sail with us next year and are concerned about your luggage; you are welcome to carry it off yourself. This is statement is false no offers of luggage, bags, tape or assist was given. It was asked for and ignored. If we had known how we would be treated, yes we would have left the ship ourselves and carried off our bags.

Bruce and I had another cruise booked for next year in January, we have instructed our travel agent to cancel the booking. as our post cards from the boat says A Signature of Excellence

Product or Service Mentioned: Holland America Line Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: service as they promised .

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